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Cosmetic dentistry in Bloor west village

The Cosmetic Dentistry Bloor West Village Smiles About

If you're not happy with your smile, we can help you change it! Bloor Smile Dental offers popular options in cosmetic dentistry in Bloor West Village, from veneers to crowns.


For instance, if you have chipped or discoloured front teeth, or if you are embarrassed by a gap between your front teeth, consider veneers – a thin shell of composite resin that fits over your disfigured tooth and is affixed permanently by a dentist. We’ll make sure your veneers match the rest of your teeth, so all people will notice is an attractive smile.


Crowns (some people call them “caps”) are a good way to improve the appearance of broken-down or uneven teeth. Crowns can even provide a brighter cover for teeth that are badly discoloured or misshapen. And if you have a gap between chewing teeth – perhaps you’ve lost a molar, for instance – crowns are placed on adjacent teeth to hold an artificial tooth in the gap to “bridge” it. Crowns not only make your teeth look better; they can make your teeth last longer and perform better.

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